Neodymium Magnetic Rings!
Neodymium Rare Earth Magnetic Rings in Gold and Silver
Magnets are fun and amazing and come together through magnetic force alone!!!
Magnetic Attraction Rings ~  ~ Kissing Rings ~ Magnetic Wedding Rings
When two magnetic rings touch they magnetically kiss! ~ Also great a magic ring for doing magic tricks.
neodymium magnetic therapy ring

Beautiful Super Strong Neodymium Magnetic Finger Rings:
(Neodymium Magnets are also called earth magnets or rare earth magnets - N50 Strength)

The whole entire ring is a magnet and it is magnetic all the way around your finger.
(NOT just 2 small magnets placed in the ring)
Double plated with Sterling Silver or 24 Karet Gold Finish.
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Available in Gold or Silver:
 These are the ONLY sizes we carry:
4, 5, 5 1/2, 6, 7
(Gold only), 7 1/2 (Gold only) , 8, 8 1/2, 9, 9 1/2,  10, 10 1/2,
11, 11 
1/2, 12, 12 1/2, 13 (Silver only) &13 1/2 (Gold only)
(we do NOT have size 4 1/2 or 6 1/2)

Neodymium Magic Magnetic Ring

   $33.95 for 1 ring
  (plus $5.95 Shipping  ~ Pressing  the Buy Now Button will show the Total Price including Shipping/Handling added in)

Specify Gold and/or Silver and your Ring Sizes in dropdown box during Checkout -
If you don't see this box, give us a call or email us with your size and style.

(see Chart below if you don't know your ring size)

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Order a Pair of Neodymium Magic Magnetic Rings and Save $10.00:
For you and a friend, or some people wear one on each hand for balanced Magnetic Therapy
We make no Magnetic Therapy claims.

  $63.95  for 2 rings 
(plus $5.95 Shipping ~ Pressing  the Buy Now Button will show the Total Price including Shipping/Handling added in)

Specify Gold and/or Silver and your Ring Sizes in dropdown box during Checkout -
If you don't see this box, give us a call or email us with your size and style.

(see Chart below if you don't know your ring size)
Call us for extra shipping charges Internationally
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These magnetic rings are wonderful friendship rings, wedding rings, promise rings, family member rings,
club or team rings, with the fun feature of having super magnetic power.
Show your magnetic attraction for your partner or acknowledge your
magnetic connection with your friends, family and coworkers!

When you touch hands or the rings come within an inch of contact,
you are drawn together and locked in a magical "magnetic kiss" until you pull your hand away.
A wonderful gift you can truly share! One for you and one for your partner or friend.

Also a great employee or coworker gift ~ a teamwork booster!
A great practical gift too, because the ring can pick up metal objects up to 1/3 lb!
And a fantastic conversation piece!

Great for clubs or groups ~ everyone in the club wears the ring
and it gives the high sign and a handshake a whole new meaning!
Everyone in the club can do a group handshake and feel the magnetic force that joins you all together.
All for one feeling join hands in a momentary lock of hands for group hand shake.

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Can also do Magic Tricks with your Magnetic Ring - See Video Below:

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Here is a video showing Neodymium Magnet Fun ~
Press the arrow in the middle of the picture below to play video:

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About Magnetic Therapy:
We do not make any medical claims that these rings will help you anyway.
See Full Disclaimer below Ring Sizes below.

There have been numerous articles written on the healing properties of Neodymium Magnets that you can read in books or on the Internet. Reports say that Magnetic Therapy is a safe, non-invasive method of applying magnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purposes. Some say it accelerates the natural healing process, provides natural pain relief, arthritis pain relief and other ailments and improves sleep without any adverse side effects. And these rings are among the strongest Neodymium Magnets you will find. The whole entire ring is a magnet and it is magnetic all the way around your finger. (NOT just 2 small magnets placed in the ring as in some magnetic rings and bracelets). Many people say they feel the extra benefits of wearing a neodymium ring on each hand for completely balancing the positive and negative energy for magnetic therapy. Some people wear 2 rings night and remove them morning. Testimonies from arthritis sufferers say that wearing 2 rings on each hand, the index finger and ring finger at night has been said to help alleviate their symptoms remarkably.

Permanent magnets have been used in a variety of medical practices dating even back to the Egyptians. Even 500 years ago, books were written on how to use magnets for medical benefit. Many have wondered if magnetic fields work on the human body, for example an MRI would not work if they did not.

There have been many articles written on magnet therapy and its successful use for sports injuries, in medicine, and for chronic pain relief.  Neodymium magnets, also called earth magnets or rare earth magnets, that produce very high-energy magnetic fields. These are not the same as common ferrite magnets and refrigerator style magnets that are have a much smaller magnetic force. Some rings are made with ferrite magnets. These super strong magnet rings (N40, rated 13,500 gauss) can actual lift small metal objects like key chains, spoons, any object up to almost 1/3 of a pound! And attract pieces of metal that are a few inches away. There is no doubt that the magical properties of magnets hold amazing powers. Magic and Magnets come from the same Latin root. There have been many studies that report Neodymium magnets can change the molecular structure of the blood and polarize the magnetic fields that surround our bodies, thereby creating healing in our body systems. We have done our own research and heard many testimonials about the healing power of magnets, and we feel believe they help us - but we make not claims - Do your own research.

FTC/FDA prohibits making claims about magnets in medicine until they are "proven" and doesn't acknowledge "alternative" medicine. 
We in no way make any medical claims about Magnetic Therapy, or that these rings will cure any ailments.

A Word of Caution and disclaimer:  This will be common sense to most people, but we really need to stress that these are powerful magnets a carry a big magnetic force and should be treated with care, respect and awareness. Do not let the magnets come in contact with your electronic magnetic media, for example, do not set them on your computer, laptop, or your computer monitor, older computer recordable floppy discs, etc. Be careful not to let the ring touch the magnetic strip on your credit cards. Just to let you know, we use our desktop computers all the time wearing magnetic rings, and we have never had any problems, but we are careful and keep our keyboard 2 feet from our computer.

And lastly, this is NOT, NOT, NOT a children's toy, do not let infants or small childen play with them, or leave them around where pets or children would find them. If swallowed they can do extreme harm.

Ring Size Chart:
If you don't know your ring size you can use this chart.
Wrap a piece of string around your finger and measure the string to find your ring size.

(we do NOT have size 4 1/2 or 6 1/2)

Ring Size Chart

A Word of Safety and Caution, Warnings and Disclaimers

Neodymium magnets are the strongest, most powerful magnets on earth and the surprisingly strong force between them may catch you off guard at first. Review all the information below to help you handle these magnets properly and avoid potentially serious personal injuries, as well as damage to the magnets themselves.


Neodymium magnets can jump together, pinch the skin and cause serious injuries.

Neodymium magnets will leap and slam together from several inches to several feet apart. If you have a finger in the way, it can get severely pinched or even broken. We strongly recommend sliding magnets apart rather than trying to pull them off the stack.  if you attempt to pull one magnet off a stack or two magnets directly apart you will need at least double the pull force to separate them as well as a greater amount of leverage than the magnet’s actual size allows. This challenge becomes even more pronounced with medium and large magnets.The most efficient way to separate strong magnets is to devise a method to get more leverage or a better way to grip the magnets and to provide enough force to move the magnets laterally or sideways, which requires far less strength or force than trying to pull them directly apart.

Neodymium magnets are brittle – and can easily shatter and break.
Neodymium magnets are brittle and will peel, chip, crack or shatter if allowed to slam together, even from just a few inches apart. Despite being made of metal and coated with a shiny nickel-plating, they are not as hard as steel.
Shattering magnets can send small sharp metal pieces into the air at great speeds. Eye protection is recommended.

Keep neodymium magnets away from all children.

Neodymium magnets are not toys. Do not allow children to handle or play with them. Small magnets can pose a serious choking hazard. If magnets are swallowed, they can attach to each other through intestinal walls causing serious injuries and even death.

Keep neodymium magnets away from anyone with a pacemaker.

Neodymium magnets create strong magnetic fields around them, which can interfere with pacemakers, ICDs and other implanted medical devices. This is because many of these devices are made with a feature that deactivates the device in a magnetic field.

Keep neodymium magnets away from magnetic media.

The strong magnetic fields emanating from neodymium magnets can damage magnetic media such as credit cards, magnetic ID cards, cassette tapes, video tapes or other such devices. They can also damage older televisions, VCRs, computer monitors and CRT displays. Avoid placing  near or directly over pacemakers or electro-medical devices, or in direct contact with magnetically sensitive material such as credit cards, computer discs, or audio/video tapes as they may cause damage. Issues with rare-earth magnets as tiny as ours are extremely rare, but please don’t underestimate the power of these small magnets.

Keep neodymium magnets away from your GPS and smartphone.

Magnetic fields interfere with compasses or magnetometers used in navigation for air and sea transport, as well as the internal compasses of smartphone and GPS devices.

Avoid contact with neodymium magnets if you have a nickel allergy.

Studies show a small percentage of people suffer from an allergy to some metals including nickel. The allergic reaction is often manifested in redness and a skin rash. If you have a nickel allergy, try wearing gloves or avoid directly handling nickel-plated neodymium magnets.

Neodymium magnets can become demagnetized at high temperatures.

While magnets have been proven to retain their effectiveness up to 80C or 176F, this temperature may vary depending on the grade, shape and application of the particular magnet.

Neodymium magnet dust and powder are flammable.

Avoid drilling or machining neodymium magnets. When ground into a dust or powder, this material is highly flammable.

Neodymium magnets can corrode.

Most of our magnets are finished with a nickel plating, and this coating provides enough protection for most applications. But remember, neodymium magnets are not waterproof. They will rust or corrode in the presence of moisture. If used underwater, outdoors or in a moist environment, they can corrode and lose magnetic strength.

Neodymium magnets are an alloy composition of mostly Neodymium, Iron and Boron. They also have small amounts of elements like praseodymium, dysprosium , aluminum, and niobium.These may be added to enhance properties such as strength, temperature tolerance, and resistance to demagnetization and corrosion.

If left exposed to the elements, the iron in the magnet will rust. To protect the magnet from corrosion and to strengthen the brittle magnet material. There are a variety of options for coatings, but nickel is the most common and usually preferred. Our nickel plated magnets are actually triple plated with layers of nickel, copper, and nickel again. This triple coating makes our magnets much more durable than the more common single nickel plated magnets. Some other options for coating are zinc, tin, copper, epoxy, silver and gold. Our gold and silver plated magnets are quadruple plated with nickel, copper, nickel and a top coating of gold or silver.

Main Elements within NdFeB Percentage by weight
Neodymium (Nd) 29% - 32%
Iron (Fe) 64.2% – 68.5%
Boron (B) 1.0% - 1.2%
Aluminium (Al) 0.2% - 0.4%
Niobium (Nb) 0.5% -1%
Dysprosium (Dy) 0.8% -1.2%

These rings are not sold as medical devices and are not sold to cure diseases. No guarantee of effectiveness of product is made, effectiveness varies from person to person. They are not intended to replace any instructions, prescriptions or directions prescribed by your doctor. Not recommended for persons wearing a pacemaker, defibrillator, or any other implanted electro-medical device or if you are pregnant. Keep magnets away from computer disks, videotapes, video monitors, credit cards and any other magnetic media, children and pets. They are not to be used during pregnancy, with metal implants, on open wounds. Consult your doctor with any questionns.

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