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Gorgeous magical shimmery silvery pieces of an ancient meteorite that came from space millions or possibly billions of miles and light years away.
These lovely and lustrous rare meteorites have been called "gold nuggets from the sky."
Each piece of meteorite jewelry is truly a one of a kind
treasure and is given to you in it's beautiful natural form and is not altered in any way.
These gifts from the Universe, in addition to being beautiful gems in their own right, may have additional benefits, as they are said to
have many healing properties and also may have the ability to protect you from electromagnet fields (EMFs) and more, see videos below.
This Magic Meteorite Jewelry is beautifully and professionally handcrafted here in California and each piece is individually set in sterling silver.
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(approx. 3/4"  long gem)


(approx. 3/4 inch long gem)
with Silver Box Chain
(chain not pictured)


with 5 Meteorites
approx. 1/2 - 5/8" on 4 side gems,
approx 3/4 inch bottom gem

attached snake chain 22" 

Dangle Earrings
approx. 1/2 - 5/8" long gems

with 5 Meteorites
approx. 1/2 - 5/8" long gens

Post Earrings 
(approx. 1/2"  gems)


Post Earrings
Small Bezeled
(approx. 1/4 inch gems)


These particular meteors are very special as the are Iron meteorites and are extremely rare and highly prized.

Of all of the meteorites that fall on the earth, scientists estimate that only about two percent are these type of Iron Meteorites.
These meteorites come from the Campo del Cielo Meteor discovered in 1571 near Buenos Aries, Argentina. 
Campo Del Cielo means  "Field of Heaven" - The craters' age is estimated as 4,000–5,000 years ago that it hit the Earth.
These meteorites look like a gold nugget only shiny silvery dark black.
They crystallize into fantastic geometric structures knows as Widmanstätten Patterns.
 Much like snowflakes, the pattern of every iron meteorite is unique.  
Superheated to thousands of degrees Fahrenheit, the surfaces of these fragments melted to form beautiful sculptural indentations
 called regmaglypts or thumb prints — features that are unique to meteorites.
Out of this World! Beautiful otherworldly texture and feel. Not a stone from the earth, this shooting star fell from the sky.
 These are special and they come from outer space, another dimension, possibly billions of years old.
Only a limited amount of the nuggets from this meteor are available, when they are gone they are gone.

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MAGIC METEORITE JEWELRY Conducts Electricity! 
These Meteorites May Protect us from Harmful EMF's.
See video below

A couple of interesting properties of these magic meteorites shown in the video above.
First they conduct electricity.
Other rocks and stones do not conduct electricity.
And only 6 percent of the Meteorites found on the earth conduct electricity.

The second interesting property is that they are attracted to magnets!

So another possible benefit of these properties for you is that wearing these magic meteorites
might quite possibly protect you from electrical magnetic fields, also known as EMFs.
We are constantly surrounded by technology such as cell phones, computers, televisions, wifi, smart meters
electromagnetic radiation such as Radio and Microwaves, produced by cell towers etc.

This is important due to the electrical component found in electromagnetic field and since these meteorites can conduct electricity

and are magnetic they are thought to be able to absorb and deflect these frequencies and protect them from entering the human body. 
We make no claims, but there has been extensive research on Shungite,
a material thought to have originated from an ancient meteorite found near Russia in the Ukraine,
you can google it there is a lot of information on Shungite and it has the same ability as these meteorites to conduct electricity,
and Shungite has had much more research showing to it to be effective in protecting from EMFs and also purifying water and more.
And our meteorites do have many of the same properties as Shungite.
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A Closer View of our MagicMeteorite Jewelry
in Video Below:

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