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~  Earth flags are not just for Earth Day ~ Everyday we live upon the Earth is Earth Day!  ~    
Flag of the Earth, Photo-Quality Satellite View, World Flag, Peace Flags & More.
This beautiful Earth Flag has a nice dark blue background with the official
NASA satellite
astronaut view photograph of our Planet as seen from Space.
The photo-quality flag & banner shows very distinctly the continents of Africa & Antarctica
and shows details of the
currents of the ocean and clouds surrounding our world.
It is truly our One World Flag and the Universal Symbol that says it all ...
Also Giant Earth Flags up to 6x10 ft (and larger custom sizes)
and Giant World Flags up to 5x8 ft
(it has 216 small country flags pictured as below) ~
And more flags including  Peace Flags, Ecology Flags,
Coexist Flags, Greta Thunberg Flags, Rainbow Peace Flags, Vertical Earth Banner, Prayer Flags and more Earth Products below:

Planet Earth Flag - NASA satellite image of the Earth from space
Large 3 x 5 ft. Photo Quality Planet Earth Flag above: $29.95
Sale: $24.95 till the end of the month!
(plus $3.95 S/H)
 (Pressing the Buy Now Button shows the Total Price including S/H added in)

These are excellent quality Earth Flags, earth visible on both sides.
Not all Earth Flags are the same ~ our flag looks like the acutal Earth photograph and is very detailed.

The Earth Flag flies very nicely in the wind or it can be displayed on any outside or inside wall of any house room or building. It can be displayed vertically as well as horizontally. Our excellent quality Earth Flag has a very clear photographic NASA image of the Planet Earth.  The large 3 x 5 ft. earth flag  is made of a sturdy weight easy care polyester, which is one of the most durable materials for flags. We have experimented with cotton and other natural fibers, but polyester holds up much better for a long lasting flag, so we had to go with it. It has 2 brass grommets on the side for attaching to a flag pole or tying to a wooden dowel or a PVC pipe. The edges of the flag are double stitched, reinforced for extra strength
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Occasionally we have Seconds Quality Earth Flags of the above Flag
Usually the flaw in the flag can't been seen from adistance
If the Buy Now button works then they are in stock:
Seconds Quality Earth Flag Sale: $19.95
(plus $3.95 S/H)
 (Pressing  the Buy Now Button will show the Total Price including Shipping/Handling added in)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Double Sided Earth Flags

New: Super Double Sided Large 3 x 5 ft. Earth Flag made with 2 Earth Flags sewn together!
This flag shows the same correct view of the continent of Africa as seen from space printed on both sides
(that means that the back side of the flag is not the reversed view of the Earth)

Super Heavy Duty Earth Flag
Quadruple stitched on the end of the flag for superior strength!

3x5 ft Super Double Sided
Planet Earth Flag
(2 Earth Flags sewn together)
Retail Price: $59.95
 Sale: $29.95 till the end of the month!
(plus $4.95 S/H)

 (Pressing the Buy Now Button shows the Total Price including S/H added in)
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Scroll down our VERY LONG page to see More Earth Flags
and ALL of our products

We also carry many peace oriented flags, prayer flags & other products
with Earth From Space Photo image including

Inflatable Photo-Quality Earth Globes & Balloons in several giant sizes: 40" &  52" up to 10 feet !!

Flying the Earth Flag is a statement of peace, hope, affirmation and love ~  See Video Below
Earth Flag Flying day parade flag  .
~  It is the only flag that does not divide us, no borders, no boundaries ~
And it shows the gratefulness we feel for this amazing tiny blue world called Earth, the home we all share ...

 ~ Protect our Mother Earth ~
Live green and promote sustainability and help spread the message to love and care
our beautiful garden planet and all who breathe her precious air. We are one...

The Future Depends on What We Do in The Present ~ Mahatma Gandi
There is no evil and there are no evil forces in the world.
There are only people of awareness, and there are people who are
fast asleep -- and sleep has no force. The whole energy is in the hands of the awakened people.

And one awakened person can awaken the whole world.
One lighted candle can make millions of candles lighted without losing its light. 
~ Osho

This we know: earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth.
All things are connected like the blood that unites us all.

Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it.

Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.  
~ Chief Seattle

We donate a portion of our sales to:
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Scroll down our VERY LONG page to see ALL of our products

The Earth Flag with Dramatic Black Background
Same Excellent Quality as our Flag with Blue background above 

. Earth Flag with Black Night Sky Background .

    Large 3 x 5 ft. Earth Flag with Black Background: $49.95 (plus $4.95 S/H)

(Pressing the BUY NOW button will show the Total Price including the shipping/handling added in)

This black background style Earth Flag is rare and very hard to find.
Same Excellent Photo-Quality as our Flag with Blue background.

Although the Earth Flag with a blue background has mostly been seen as the traditional Earth Flag,
many people prefer the look of the Earth as it would actually appear from space
in the infinite dark night sky. Since the demand is not yet as great as our blue flag, 
we have them made in smaller quantities, so they cost us more to make 
~ that is why they cost a little more, but we wanted to make them available for our customers, 
who would like to see the earth as it actually looks in space.
Watch the new music video by the popular band deSoL featuring our Black Earth Flag!! (Photo above courtesy of deSoL).

* * * * * * * * 

Earth Banners
Vertical Banners with sleeve pictured with wooden dowl (does not come with dowl)

Earth banner vertical world citizen earth banner

Earth Banner
3 x 5 ft  - above Left
(Same as our regular Earth Flag
but made into a Banner)
plus $4.95 shipping/handlingx

World Citizen Earth Banner 
30" x 40"
- above Right
(lightweight poly -one-sided image)

plus $4.95 shipping/handling

(Pressing the BUY NOW button will show the Total Price including the shipping/handling added in)
 * * * * *

Medium Size 16 x 25" Photo Quality Earth Flags

planet earth flag medium size 16x25 inch 

(plus $2.95 S/H)
(Pressing  the Buy Now Button will show the Total Price including Shipping/Handling added in)

   Very nice Lightweight 16 x 25" flags with Photographic Image of the Earth
with blue background.
These flags are a light weight polyester.
Double stitched edges with 2 brass grommets on the side.

* * * * * *
Bargain Priced 'Seconds Quality' Medium Size Earth Flags$9.95
(plus $2.95 S/H)
(Pressing  the Buy Now Button will show the Total Price including Shipping/Handling added in)   
Slight imperfections in sewing or small cosmetic blemish

* * * * * * * * * * *

Small Earth Flags ~ 8 x 12"

small earth flag 8x12 incn

(Plus $1.95 S/H)
(Pressing  the Buy Now Button will show the Total Price including Shipping/Handling added in)


earth car flag 9x12 inch

These small lightweight flags with photographic image of the earth with a 
blue background  
are machine stitched with rolled edges and a
white sleeve opening for slipping over your antenna or a wooden dowel or stick.
If used on your antenna, the white sleeve can be cut to any length
and the bottom 
of the sleeve needs to be secured with duct tape to you antenna. 

Fly Earth Flags in your Earth Day Parades or any parade.

* * * * * 

small earth flag 8x12 incn

  40 'Seconds Quality' small flags  8x12" ~ 
40 flags for $99.95
(only $2.50 each!)
(Plus $8.95 S/H)
(Pressing  the Buy Now Button will show the Total Price including Shipping/Handling added in)

BARGAIN PRICED while they last!!! A batch of our small (antenna) flags were made with a
slight printing error with one of the colors a bit off center, consequently it is not photo quality,
but if you are using it as an antenna flag or just going to wave it from a distance,
it is still obviously the earth and these are sold well below half our regular price - 65% discount

* * * * *
Small Earth Stick Flags ~ 8 x 12"

(Same as our regular Small Earth Flags, but comes on a 16" stick)

Earth Stick Flag

(Plus $6.95 S/H)
(Pressing  the Buy Now Button will show the Total Price including Shipping/Handling added in)

  * * * * * *

Flagpole for 3x5 ft Flags

flag pole bracket mount flagpole kit

Sturdy steel flagpole (6 ft x 3/4" - comes in 3 slide together pieces).
The flagpole is painted white enamel with gold metal ball on top.
It has
2 "No Furl" clips attached to the pole. These clips hook to the flag's
and are designed to spin freely around the pole, so your flag can fly
in the wind without becoming tangled around the pole.
Comes with wall mount bracket and bracket screws.
Bracket holds your flag at a 45 degree angle as pictured.

Flagpole ordered WITH our Earth Flag (Flag sold seperately).

     Flagpole:  $14.95
(plus $9.95 S/H)
(Pressing  the Buy Now Button will show the Total Price including Shipping/Handling added in)
* * * * * * * * 

Flagpole ordered ALONE without buying our Earth Flag:.

     Flagpole:  $24.95
(plus $9.95 S/H)
(Pressing  the Buy Now Button will show the Total Price including Shipping/Handling added in)

 * * * * * * *

Telepscoping Flagpole

Telescoping Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum Flag Pole in
3 sizes 16 ft, 20 ft, 25 ft - Made in the USA
Can fly 3x5 ft flags up to our Giant 6x10 ft Earth Flags
and other 
Giant Flags

telescoping flagpoles . telescoping flagpole sections with twisting locks
 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 Showing the NASA Americas View of the Earth showing North and South America
Super Rugged and Heavy Duty Nylon, the end seam is quadruple stitched!

Giant Earth Flag - Planet

(and Giant Peace Flags, Giant Green Ecology Flags and Giant Rainbow Flags)
 Available in 4x6 ft, 5x8 ft and 6x10 feet!!!

Giant Peace Symbol Flag .  Ecology Flag  .  rainbow flag
4x6 ft, 5x8 ft and 6x10 feet!!!
* * * * * *
Giant World Flags

Giant World flag with all countries

(Giant 5x8 ft World Flag with 216 miniature flags of all the countries of the world!
-- Also availalble in 3x5 ft and 2x3 ft sizes)

(Giant flags are now also available for Rent)
For more information and Prices on our World: Click Here

* * * * *
Tall Telepscoping Flagpoles
telescoping flagpoles

* * * * *
Greta Thunberg Flags

Purchase 2x3' flags of Greta and see more information
about Greta Thungerg at

Greta Thunberg Mural in Bristol England made into a flag

Swedish Climate Activist trying to bring attention to the Climate Crisis & Global Warming
"Our House is on Fire"

* * * * * * * * * * * *

We Now have more: Flags that are Symbols of Peace

. peace symbol stars and stripes flag  .
coexist flag  .

Ecology Flag. peace symbol rainbow flag .Peace Dove Flag .Rainbow Peace Flag .Code Pink Flag .
Green Sustainablity Flag . Peace Symbol Flag
 Peace USA Flag .United Nations Flag .Native American Flag USA . black and white and silver American usa flag .rainbow flag .Statue of Liberty Flag .

Click here to see and/or purchase these flags

$19.95 each

Now on Sale any 2 Flags for  $29.95 (save $10)~ Any 3 Flags for $44.95 (save $15)!!!

3x5 ft Flags Styles below
(ALL the 3x5 ft flags pictured below are lightweight polyester with 2 brass grommets)

Ecology, Rainbow Peace Flags, Dove of Peace Flag, "Code Pink" Pink Flag,
Green Sustainability Flag,
United Nations,
Peace Symbol Flags, Native American Indian,
Earth, Statue of Liberty & more peace flags

The Peace Symbol flag also comes as a 12x16"  and UN flag also comes as a 6x9" Stick Flag

* * * * * 

PACE Italian Peace Flag

 New ~ Very hard to get ~ We import these Italian Peace Flags (pronounced Pa-chay) from Italy

* * * * * * *

Corporate American Flag

Corporate American Flag
Purchase 3x5' and 2x3' Corporate American Flags at
Corporate American Flag
~ As above the Corporate Logos where the Stars would be

* * * * *

Giant Inflatable Earth Globes:40-54 inches up to 10ft!
Reusable & Refillable Photo Digital Satellite images including Glow-in-the-Dark cities globes

.Giant Earth Ball 40 inch .Holding Giant Earth Globe 40 inch .earth globle inflatable 52 inch .45 inch world globe .Earth Globe Topopraphical 27 inch
Above Satellite and Atlas Styles from 16" to 40 to 54 inches to 6 ft ~
Can be Filled with Air (these globes above cannot be filled with helium)

Now also available for RENT

Gigantic Inflatable Earth Globes
Below from 6 to 10 feet in diameter! ~
Can be filled with Air or Helium!

              .16 inch earth globe and giant earth globe 7 ft .Gigantic Inflatable Earth Ball Globe Balloon.gigantic earth altas globe world balloon 7 ft.
6 ft inflatable earth balloon ball  . giant earth globe stationary with fan blower 11 ft .giant 66 inch map altas world globe inflatable
For a remarkable dramatic presentation with lasting impact.
Great for Parades and events. Prices for these gigantic vinyl globes
Also Gigantic 10 ft Sun Balloon
Now also available for RENT

Click here for more photos and information in the Gigantic Inflatable Earth Globes

* * * * * * 

Extra Large and Large Earth Balloons
16 and 36 inch in diameter

 photo quality earth globe balloons 22 inch   . Extra Large 36 inch Earth Balloon Latex .   large 16 inch earth balloon Latex
NEW Photo Quality Balloons:
Beautifully Detailed Satellite imagery on continents with shiny translucent blue ocean.
And Blue Latex balloons with green continents ~ 36" blows up as perfectly round Balloon
16 inch blows up to oval shape!

* * * *


solar spinning earth globe

Click Here to watch Video
This beautiful Solar Spinning Mother Earth Planet rotates as if by magic
as it peacefully and silently spins using only the power of the sunlight coming
into the windows or any light in the room and the force of the earth's magnetic
field to create its perpetual spinning motion.
4.5 inch and 8.5 inch globes.


Other Earth Products

Large Earth Static Cling and Adhesvie Decals up to 24x27",
Large Earth Magnets up to 24x24" (custom sizes available)
Earth Gazing Balls, Earth Donation Box/Raffle Spinners, Plasma Earth Lamps
T-Shirts, Poster, 2x3" Earth Patch, Canvas Shopping Bags, Earth Pen and more.

earth vehicle magnetic sign . earth gazing ball in pondEarth Blue Planet Lamp .earth tote bag

Earth poster I pledge allegiance to the earthearth patch 2x3earth pen - Everyday is Earth Day printed on side

Other Earth Products


giant peace sign light .                 earth backdrop divider stage prop 6ft
Giant Lighted Peace Sign - 56" diameter                                     6 ft Earth Backdrop

* * * * *
Free Hugs

free hugs sign car magnet 12x12 inch
. free hugs flag 2x3 ft. free hugs t-shirt

Inspired by Juan Mann ~ click here to see inspiring video
of the true Free Hugs story
and/or to order Free Hugs 100% Cotton T-Shirts, Free Hugs Flags and Free Hugs Magnetic Car Signs.

* * * *

Special Deal
~ Get 6 items for the price of 5 ~ 
Earth Buttons, Earth Mini Buttons, Magnets, Bumper Stickers, Decals,
Set of 4 Postcards, or Peace Pins, Dove Pins, etc. Click here for more info and to order.

earth button 2 inch earth button2 earth buttons 1 inch earth magnet 3.5x4 inchThe Eye of God MagnetI pledge allegiance to earth - Magnet fighting terrorism since 1492 magnet.
peace american flag lapel pin
.dove pin olive branch - lapel pin.
peace American flag lapel pin enamel

Order any of the products these items for $2.99 each
or you can order any 5 of the items
in any combination and get an extra item for FREE

earth we are all one family bumber sticker .
coexist bumper sticker

Front and Back of Postcards pictured below:
planet earth postcards
Fighting Terrorists since 1492 Postcards

Click here for more info and to order any of the above $2.99 each items.

Like us on FACEBOOK and get your choice of a FREE 5x5" Earth Decal or COEXIST Bumper Sticker with your order:

We also make custom photo magnets in large quantities from your photo or artwork - contact us if interested.

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Peace Jewelry

We Are One Necklaces, Pendants, bracelets and anklets that expresses the
Golden Rule in 10 languages
 and more Peace Jewelry in Silver and Pewter and enamel.

Gold Earth Lapel Pin - Africa . dove pin olive branch lapel pins . peace we are one jewelry . heart with wings pin - sufi heart symbol .Gold Earth Lapel Pin - the Americas

peace necklace symbols of world religions pewter and silver


Magic Meteorite Jewelry 
Gorgeous magical shimmery silvery pieces of an ancient meteorite that came from space 
millions or possibly billions of miles and light years away.

magic meteorite pendants

~ ~ ~

Peace Prayer Flags

  Prayer Flags Univeral Blessings . Prayer Flags on House.Rainbow Prayer Flags.

rainbow peace prayer flags .

       univeral prayer flags..Rainbow Prayer Flags - Write your own Prayers on Flags

.dove of peace flag bannerrainbow heart flag banner . Peace in 90 Languages banner .Heart Wings Banner Sufi symbol .small peace symbol rainbow flag banner .Tibetan Prayer Flags - string of 25.

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nityam and zuza
Thank you, Nityam (Owner of Reflections)

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We invite Wholesale Orders:

Promote the message to Protect the Earth and Peace on Earth
and offer flags for resale in your retail store
or bulk orders for community events, fairs, fund raising events or festivals
Call us or Email us if you are interested in quantity discount prices or wholesale information:

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Opportunity to help spread Earth Flags:

Do you love the earth flag and the message it sends?
Perhaps you or someone you know would like to make extra income
while helping a wonderful cause ~ our Earth!
Absolutely No Experience Necessary,
just the desire to see the Earth Flag flying everywhere!!!!!
To see details click: We are looking for sales representatives!

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Other Flags: Dove Flags, Peace Symbol Flags, Rainbow Peace Flags, Italian Pace Flags and more  

6 ft Earth Backdrop

Fighting Terrorism Since 1492 postcards and magnets

Earth Buttons, Mini Buttons, Magnets, Bumper Stickers, Decals Postcards, Peace Pins, Dove Pins       Other Earth Products                     Portable Massage Chairs               Strong Neodymium Magnetic Rings

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We donate a portion of our sales to:

earth flag on flagpole

Purchasing products from our website helps
The Earth Flag Project.
who donate Earth Flags to cities, schools, libraries, and civic and public buildings, who will agree to fly the flag
of our planet on their flagpole.
The Earth Flag Project is helping make Earth Flags more visible to all of us,
as a recognizable symbol