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Telescoping Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum Flag Pole in 3 sizes - Made in the USA ~ No Sales Tax ~ Except for Residents of California
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telescoping flagpoles. telescoping flag pole

Our Telescoping Flag Poles are fantastic and easy to use with our Giant Flags!
No need to mess around with and complicated ropes, chains or pulleys. Made in the USA with Aircraft grade anodized aluminum finish featuring simple twist locking sections that makes it easy to raise and lower the pole up and down and to attach your flag with the included carabiner clips. Your flags flys freely on the clips that are attached to the swiveling rings that move with the wind noiselessly around the pole, preventing the flag from wrapping around the pole. These Flag Poles never need  maintenance: No Painting, No Peeling and No Rust. Comes with white PVC mounting ground sleeve and complete set of easy setup instructions. See Video Below. All flagpoles come with a free 3'x5' American Flag.
16 ft 
Telescoping Flagpole
can accommodate any 3x5 or 4x6 ft flag

plus shipping/handling

20 ft

Telescoping Flagpole
can accommodate any flag up to a 5x8 ft

plus shipping/handling

25 ft

Telescoping Flagpole
can accommodate any flag up to a 6x10 ft flag
or 2 3x5 ft flags

plus shipping/handling

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Call us for extra shipping charges to Hawaii, Alaska or Internationally

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Video Below showing How Easy it is to Set-up and Use the Telescoping Flag Pole
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in the middle of the picture below to Play Video:

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