Giant Chicken and Rooster Statues     

Giant Outdoor Huge Big Chicken Rooster Statue - Fiberglass . rooster-custom-red-orange-giant-statue
Giant Big Chicken Rooster Statue - Fiberglass

Gigantic Fiberglass Outdoor Statues
The Giant Chicken and Rooster Statue stands
more than 8 1/2 feet tall and 42" wide!!!
Weight approximately $165-180 lbs
These Very Big Chickens and Roosters are all handmade using the finest materials and finishes.
These huge and dramatic large statues are great for restaurants, feed stores, lawn statues,
roadside attractions, monster yard art, parades or events.
All custom made to order, so generally they take a few weeks to make.

Our Standard White Rooster as above
with Red Top Notch, Red Wattle and Yellow Feet is
$3,895,00 plus shipping via Truck.
It has 6 tabs to bolt down permanently or bolt down to movable platform.
Many other choices of colors and custom paint jobs available for an extra charge ~

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More quality lifesize animals to come!!!
farm animals, horses, cows, pigs, unicorn, mule and more

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Lifelike Giant and Life size Animals and Giant Balloons
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Gigantic Inflatable Earth Globes
Below from 6 to 10 feet in diameter! ~
Can be filled with Air or Helium!

              .16 inch earth globe and giant earth globe 7 ft .Gigantic Inflatable Earth Ball Globe Balloon.gigantic earth altas globe world balloon 7 ft

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