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  .iguana business card ...

A nice photo, picture or drawing of a local landmark
makes a great exclusive magnet to sell to stores or in your shop
(we also sell wrapped metal and acrylic style magnets that are super excellent quality for resale - call us for discounts)

 ~ or use magnets for ECONOMICAL PROMOTIONAL ADVERTISING that keeps on working ~
Everyone has a Fridge!!!
Great refrigerator magnets imprinted and personalized magnetic promotional advertising for your business,
conventions, event planning, souvenirs, fundraising, promotions, magnetic calendar magnets, Save The Date event reminders ...
NEW: Football Schedule and Baseball Schedule magnets, party favors, Movitational MiniWord Magnets and more!

Use one of our images or promote your own art or photography!

An attractive photo magnet sticks to the family fridge!
   Every home has a refrigerator !!!    Every office has a filing cabinet !!!

Business Card Magnets  All Photo Magnets are Laminated

Small ~ 2 x 3 1/2" (Magnetic Business Cards size)
Large ~ 3 1/2 x 4" (with rounded die-cut corners)
Extra Large ~ 4 x 7" (with rounded die-cut corners)
25 mil thick ~ about the thickness of a dime
(other sizes and shapes are also available)  ~ Scroll down page to see Prices below

"A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"

magnet whitestone country inn kingston golden gate bridge girl magnet business card magnet church
southwest virginia museum magnetmagnet st luciapoint reyes lighthouse

Below is our Small 2 x 3 1/2" (Magnetic Business Cards size)  and Above are Large Magnets  3 1/2 x 4"

bizcard the beazley house card magnet kitty......cablecar san francisco.

..bixcard dr dill..angels of the sea magnet..tomales magnet.

bizcard..magnetic business card.....

bridal makeup nevada city grass valleychula gemingnani healing rive rmassage ...pj's nevada city argyall way.

abalone inn inveress point reyes seahore..sweat your prayers nevada city ..summer thymes summerthymes bakery

Just a few Examples of different types of custom magnets above.

Extra Large Size Magnets~ 4 x 7" (with rounded die-cut corners)

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Send us your own photo or picture or use a stock image from our web catalog: web image catalog

All Magnets are NOT the Same!
Please Beware of Cheap Knock-offs!

PLEASE, PLEASE do not confuse our long lasting professionally made magnets with other very low quality magnets you may have seen offered on other "professional looking" websites. Their prices reflects their quality. They are cheaper because they are flimsy and cheaply made. Other magnets are sometimes very cheaply made or done from a computer ink jet or laser printer, similar to your home computer printer, made with plain paper or cardstock and the photo quality has a poor quality digital look. Our high quality photo-magnets are done on a huge commercial printing press with permanent color that will last a lifetime. Our magnets are professionally cut and sealed with a crystal clear lamination for added durability and protection. They are 100% SMUDGE PROOF and WATER RESISTANT. Beware of the companies that say there production time is just a few days to a week, as these are probably done instantly on a home printer, and the ink may bleed if a drop of water falls on them. Archival inks are better, but the photo can still get easily damaged or scratched, if there is no lamination. If they say they use archival inks, that definitely means they are done on a computer printer. Other magnets many times use weak paper thin magnet material. Ours are a strong substantial 1/32th of an inch thick (25 mil) about the thickness of a dime, but they are still light enough to be mailed with just one first class stamp. You want to give your customers something lasting and nice that will reflect your business, photographs or artwork, and something they will keep and put on their fridge. We would be happy to send you a sample magnet from a past order ~ just call or email us.

magnet machine

Our Professional Commercial Printing Press to make your magnets the best ever!
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 Useful Large 3 1/2 by 4" Magnetic Calendars with your Information and Phone Number on their Fridge!
(Same price as the Large Size: 3 1/2 by 4" magnets)  See Prices at bottom of this page
Calendars printed with your photo (optional) with one of our stock designs our your own background, photo or design.

Calendar Magnet with Clouds Background...  .. 2008 calender magnet schedule magnets

Also any Special Date or Dates can be highlighted and printed in Red
 to serve as a reminder for any special event, meeting party or convention

Scroll down page to see Prices at below

Extra Large Magnets can be:
Calendar Magnets, Schedule Magnets or Important Phone Number Magnets:

(Below ~ Same price as the Extra Large Size: 4 by 7" magnets) See Prices at bottom of this page

..important phone numbers magnet 4x7

You can choose from these Additional Stock Backgrounds
for calendar magnets or any of the above style magnets


Football Schedule and Baseball Schedule Magnets

Promote your business and your favorite team! As low as 25 cents!
We have the Current Year's Schedule for all Pro Teams and College Teams
 or Custom Magnets for your own local high school, neighborhood or college team

Comes in the 4 x 7"  click here to see all the sports schedule magnets
Bottom the magnet can be customized with your information, picture, text logo or whatever you wish

football schedule magnets        Baseball Schedule Magnets

Football Schedule business card magnets

Also very economical Sports Team Schedule Magnets where you can apply your own business card to top of magnet (3 1/2 x 9")

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Magazine or newspaper ads may never be seen, get set aside or thrown away...

But an attractive photo-magnet is a conversation piece that stays on the fridge, where it continues to visually promote valuable word-of-mouth advertising for you FOR MONTHS OR YEARS TO COME.

Pick a photo or drawing of your business, your sign, your town, your view, your garden, your dog, your car, your face, your kids, your art! A local landmark, or anything you want...
Also great for local souvenirs, wedding favors, event reminders, and more, more, more...

Great to give away for promotional advertising (tax deductible), or sell at your cost for FREE ADVERTISING, or you can sell them as souvenirs or mini reproductions or your artwork and make a profit and get free advertising and make money at the same time!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

WHOLESALE Magnet PRICES and Quantity Discounts:

Our economy style flat flexible magnets are 25 mil thick, about the thickness of a dime. They are done in a four color printing process and have crystal clear lamination applied to the picture for a waterproof surface. Nice quality at a low price!

 Small (2" by 3 1/2")
 Large has die-cut rounded corners (4" by 3 1/2")
Extra Large has die-cut rounded corners (4" by 7")
Motivational MiniWord Magnet is the same price as the Extra Large
(other sizes and shapes are also available ~ just call us)

    over 100 =     1.30 each (small)       1.50 each (large)       2.00 each  (extra large)

  over 200 =    .68 each (small)       .92 each (large)       1.23 each  (extra large) 
over 250 =     .55 each (small)       .75 each (large)       .99
each  (extra large)

    over 400 =     .35 each (small)       .65 each (large)       .90 each  (extra large)

  over 500 =     .30 each (small)      .55 each (large)       .80 each  (extra large)

  over 1000 =   .25 each (small)      .45 each (large)       .70 each  (extra large)

  over 2500 =   .20 each (small),     .35 each (large)       .60  each  (extra large)

  over 5000  =   .17 each (small)     .30 each (large)       .50  each  (extra large)

 over 10,000 =  .14 each (small)     .25 each (large)       .40  each  (extra large)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Movitational MiniWord Magnets

MiniWord Motivational Magnets

A fun gift for your customers.
The magnet is diecut and separates easily and break apart into 55 tiny magnets of words
to create lots of fun motivational fridge poems or sayings.
You can have your choice of these two templates with any come background and text color for free.
(Or we can make a your set of custom the 55 mini words for a $30.00 Set up fee -- One Font Style Only)

The magnet includes one detachable personalized 2 by 3 1/2" magnet (no set-up charge),
with your photo or clip art and custom wording.
Actual size of the complete magnet is 3 1/2 by 8 1/4"

    over 100 =    2.25 each

  over 200 =    1.35 each
over 250 =     1.15 

    over 400 =     1.00 each

  over 500 =     .90 each

  over 1000 =   .80 each

  over 2500 =    .70  each

  over 5000  =   .60  each

 over 10,000 =  .47  each

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Click link to see prices and info on our NEW STYLES of Rigid Magnets:
Wrapped Metal Style and Clear Acrylic Topped Style Magnets
Round or Rectangle Thicker stiff (non-flexible) hard style magnets

Rigid Wrapped Metal Round or Rectangle Style Magnets
Smaller quantities for this wrapped style starting at just 10 magnets

wrapped metal photo magnets
shown above front and back of magnets (full magnetic backing)

Clear Acrylic Topped Style Magnets Below (Chunky 1/4 inch thick)
(full magnetic backing)

Acrylic Photo Magnets
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

more info:

iguana business card

Sturdy 14 pt Card Stock Gloss Finish
Excellent Quality Photo Business cards (not magnetized)

   500 Photo Business cards =  $ 59.95
  1000 Photo Business cards =  $ 69.95
2000 Photo Business cards =  $ 99.95
Photo Business cards$ 124.95
4000 Photo Business cards =  $ 149.95

  5000 Photo Business cards =  $ 169.95

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
more info:

Glossy Finish High Quality 4x6" Postcards

250 Photo Postcards  =  $ 99.95
500 Photo Postcards  =  $ 114.95
Photo Postcards
$ 129.95
Photo Postcards =  $ 179.95 <>
Photo Postcards  =  $ 199.95
Photo Postcards  =  $ 229.95

  5000 Photo Postcards =  $ 249.95

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

FREE SET-UP. Send us your photo or artwork or slides (if you send negatives, you must also send the corresponding photo). Or you can email us your photo or picture!  Do not reduce the size of the image. It works best if you can send it in .tiff or .jpg at 300 dpi. We can print any wording, name, address, telephone number, website, etc., on your magnets in black or white or any primary color for FREE. If you wish we can print your magnets with just lettering, if you do not want a photo on your magnets. Include a sketch or note indicating where you want the printing to appear.

FREE PRINTING: Up to 8 lines typeset for free on magnets and business cards. (Postcards up to 30 lines)

FREE PROOF emailed to you once you place your order.

STOCK CATALOG OF PHOTO IMAGES: If you don't have an appropriate picture to use, you can pick one from over 500 images in our stock catalog image catalog  at no extra charge.  We also have Additional Stock Backgrounds  that work well for very displaying your message.

We do have other sizes and shapes -- just call us.

Payment and Shipping: Orders are sent UPS, shipping added. Production time is around 10 working days.  Initial orders are either prepaid or, if you prefer you can send us a 50% deposit and the balance will be sent COD.  Net 30 is available on future orders.

FOR SAMPLES: Call us with your request and indicate if you are interested in either the small or large size magnets and be sure to include your name, title, business name, mailing address and phone number and we will send you a free sample of a Small or Large Magnet from a past order.

~ Our most economical magnets ~

ONE COLOR Text or Logo Business Card Magnets

Logo or Text Business Card Magnets ~ One color
Click on image to enlarge and for prices

                                                           ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Also we carry:

Custom Magnetic Vehicle Signs or
custom magnetic vehicle sign

~ Beautiful Full Color ~

No extra charges for photos and unlimited text.

           ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  Re-Usable Static Cling Vinyl Letter Sign Kits
for Store Windows or for any Special Event

~ also great for car window signs ~

Static Cling Window Letter Kiet

Click Here for Static Cling Business Signs:

for restaurants, pizza shops, donut shops, hair salons, nail salons, pet shops, chiropractors, doctors, dentists, medical, massage, karate and martial arts, laundry and dry cleaners and Custom Signs more!

Store Front Pizza Sign



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Custom Signs ~

Static Cling Business Store Front Signs

100's of White Bordered Static Cling Word Signs

New Easy to Use Portable Sidewalk Signs ~

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