Wedding Favor Magnets and "Save The Date!" Magnets
One Color and Clip Art Magnets
Either One Ink Color Printed text and/or clip art on a White Background
or White Printing on a colored ink Background
Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page for all the clip art choices
Any of these Clip Art Styles Below or any other Clip Art or drawing you have
can also be used for our Magnets,
Postcards or Foil Seals.

Examples of magnets from past weddings using our clip art:

...  ...  .

The Actual size is 2 x 3 1/2" - We also can make the larger size: 4 x 3 1/2"

..  ..  ..  .. 

...  ...

...  ...

 .. ..  ..  .. ... 

...... .

..   .. 

.. .

of  Place Card Magnets:

Above are just a few ideas. You can design your magnets however you like. Magnets can be in vertical or horizontal format.  Choose any wording up to 7 lines: Your names and wedding date, a small poem or sentiment, or "Save the Date!" printed on the magnets. With our without borders. Save the Date Magnets are great to send out with or before you send your invitations. Your guests will not forget your wedding date ~ because it is right on their fridge! Very Economical. Pick from any of the above designs or make up your own. The above clip art is available or any clip art you send us. We will have more wedding clip art to pick from soon. Pick one color ink: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Teal, Purple, Brown or Burgandy. Or you can choose the color background with white printing on the text, borders and clip art. If you don't pick a color we will use Black Printing on White background. These less expensive magnets are for one color only with white ~ These less expensive magnets are for one color only with white or one color with it's relative half-tone, such as Black with light gray, Blue with light blue, Red or Burgandy with light pink, etc.. (If you want more than one color add $20.00 per color this can be any color you want, not just the ones listed above ~ for 3 or 4 colors it might be cheaper to use the prices for our full color photo magnets.)

Two Magnet Sizes: Small (2 by 3 1/2") and Large (4 by 3 1/2" with die-cut rounded corners)
(other sizes and shapes also available ~ call us)
(other sizes and shapes also available)

over 25 = $3.75 each (small),      $4.25 each (large)

over 50 = $2.75 each (small),     $3.00 each (large) $2.75 Magnet Special

over 75 = $2.25 each (small),     $2.50 each (large)   $2.25 Large Magnet Special

over 100  =  1.75 each (small),       $2.00 each (large) $1.75 Magnet Special

over 125  = $1.60 each (small),       $1.99 (large) $1.74 Magnet Special

over 150  =   $1.40 each (small),        $1.65 (large)

        over 200  =   $1.25 each (small),        $1.50 each (large)

      over 250  =  $1.10 each (small),        $1.35 each (large)

      over 300  =   $.99 each (small),      $1.30 each (large)

      over 400  =   $.75 each (small),      $1.15 each (large)

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If you want more than one color ~ can be any color of the rainbow, add $20.00 per color
(for 3 or 4 colors it might be cheaper to use the prices for our full color photo magnets.)

Click HERE: HERE for optional verses, poems and one line sentiments

Font Styles: We use Zap Chancery Calligraphy on the majority of our orders. It is a very nice style for weddings. However, we do have other fonts, some are listed below.  If you have a special request we will try to use it.  If you don't make a choice we will use Zap Chancery Calligraphy.

font choices for postcards and magnets

Optional Stock Clip Art Below:

We also have many other subjects ~ just ask us if you want to use a different clip art image.
(use our clip-art or send us your own custom clip-art)

Any of the clip art below can also be used in our wedding seals.
You can have wedding seals to match your clip art magnets!

Ballroom Dancing    Lovebirds           The Kiss                 Just Married           Getting Married            Banner

Getting Married/Couple      LOVE         Motorcycle          Hearts Entangled   Threshold/Tophat   Threshold/Gaze

   Hug                Doves                  Cupid            Love               Church People        Liplock Kiss     Champagne

   Doggies          Cherubs/Heart           Butterflies/Ribbon         Picnic                Cake       Champagne Party

 Ice Cream      Rosebud         Lipstick    Geese                            Proposal lawn           Church/MoonSwing Dancing

 Angel Couple        Couple/Heart            Rose Doilie            Muscians                  Butterflies            Bible

Wedding Bells        Jewish Couple      Baby Boy     BabyGirl      Arch       Hearts/Arrow         Rings/Roses

  Left Angel            Right Angel      Left Bells            Right Bells        Left Flower   Right Flower   Corner/Scroll

 Pelicans/Sea           Egret                   Birthday Cake          Pets               Birthday Party      Hot Dogs

Stork          Mother/baby        Baby/Pillow              Baby in Tree          Romance Silhouette

Baby/Rattle      Babies/Compare   Baby/Bonnet     Baby in Bed     Bear with any Text     Baby and Bottle

Flowers and Birds

You can have a Heart  placed anywhere on your magnet. For example:



We also have stock borders Click Here to see the Borders
(Borders and frames can be used with or without clip art)

Free Sample: For a one color sample from a past order, just give us a call 530-273-9378
               and request a ONE-COLOR magnet and we will be happy to send you one!


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