Prayer Flags of Universal Blessings
Universal Blessings of Peace, Compassion and Love

A Western/English variation of the ancient Prayer Flags of the Tibetan tradition.
To bless any new beginning, a new relationship, new marriage, new baby, new home, new business, etc.
 When we hang prayer flags, we create the intention for more kindness for ourselves and all beings.
Prayer flags are believed to be activated by the wind that moves them.
As they wave in the wind, prayer flags lift up and carry our wishes for compassion, peace and healing around the earth. Prayer flags encourage us to live more mindfully and help us to restore our own inner calm. A more peaceful world still must begin in each of us, one open heart at a time.


The Five Prayer Flags include:
The Serenity Prayer
Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi
Loving Kindness Prayer
Breath of life Meditation
Namasté ~ Wind Horse Blessing

The colors represent the elements: earth, water, fire, clouds and sky.

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Beautiful quality 100% cotton flags. Handmade in Nepal by Buddhists.
Each set is made of 15 flags (11 inch squares) 11" x 240" sewn onto a 20 foot cord.
The 5 colors are repeated 3 times. Each rolled set includes a handsome card with prayer flag traditions.
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Set of 5 Prayer Flags
(plus $8.95 S/H)

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