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Solar Panel rotates a small
motor on wheels and rotates the Solar Oven to follow the Sun and to Cook faster!

  Follows the Sun ~ See Video below ~  Fantastic new invention for Solar Ovens! ~  Made in the USA
..solar oven tracker
Shown above with the Sun Oven set on the Solar Tracker 
(The Solar Tracker does not come with The Sun Oven, which can be ordered separately at

Using the Solar Oven Tracker permits unattended operation of the Sun Oven all day long. It is designed to be used with the "All American Sun Oven" and the "Economy Sun Oven", but some of our customers have used it successfully with our other Solar Ovens.  The solar oven tracking device follows the path of the sun and rotates your solar oven throughout the day. Since the oven is always properly adjusted at the right angle to achieve the highest possible temperature, this allows for faster cooking without manually adjusting your oven as the Sun moves across the sky. Simply place your Solar Oven on the Lazy Susan style sturdy handmade painted wood platform. It is self-powered by a small solar panel that directly drives a small solar powered motor connected to one of the 3 wheels that moves the platform and the solar cooker and rotates in a circular motion to follow the Sun. It works on any flat level surface, placed on the ground on your patio or driveway work best or you can use a piece of 4x8' plywood on the ground or lawn. You can also use a very large table or put a piece of plywood on top of your table.

This Video is a Short Time-Lapse Photography video showing the Solar Tracker in action tracking the Sun


This Video shows How the Solar Tracker Works and the Set up.


Keep in mind that this video was made in late September.
You will get the optimum use out of your solar tracking device during the Spring and Summer months
when the Sun is higher and available for more hours as it travels across the sky.
The Lazy Susan motion will be in a much more visable circle.
In late September, it still works great, but the sun is lower on the horizon it is not as
dramatic a path across the sky, in terms of watching this video.
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Solar Oven Tracker
~ Does not include Solar Oven ~
Solar Ovens can be purchased separately at www.solarovens.net ~

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