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The Newest Rage for kids and adults alike!

Roll around the on the lawn, down a hill or on ride on water. Huge Human Hamster ball like inflatable Zorb style spheres with one ball inside the other.
The inner and outer spheres are connected by numerous small ropes.
Also with an air layer in between which acts as a shock absorber for the rider, evening out bumps while traveling!!
Made from super strong .06mm PVC for extra durability - 6 ft Tall

human hamster ball zorb .  zorb human hamsterball green

Reusable 6 ft Human Hamster Ball Zorbs are $699.95

plus shipping/handling
(NO SALES TAX unless you are in California)

Here are some videos showing the human hamster ball in action:

Playing in the Pool
Playing in the River
Going to the Ocean
Going Skiing

Rolling down the hill

Call if you would like to order"

P.O. Box 1163
Rough & Ready, CA 95975  

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