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Low Maintenance Gardening! So Many Advantages to Watering with Olla Irrigation Pots.
Ollas are Terra Cotta Clay Pots used for Efficient Deep Root Underground Watering and Irrigation that Conserves Water and many more advantages.

Unglazed and Non-toxic - Olla (Oya) Irrigation Pots can be used in an Organic Garden. ~ See Video Below
2 styles available and also a Big Savings on a Pallet of Ollas that will do a whole garden.
(No Sales Tax unless you live in California)
olla irrigation watering pot
Saves Water:  Conserves Water up to 75% !!!
dig a hole and bury the Olla Irrigation Pots, exposing the neck and plant around it and fill it with water.
An Olla (pronounced Oya) is an unglazed ceramic clay pot fired at a low temperature. This allows the ceramic pot to remain porous. Water stays cool underground and will seep out slowly through the porous clay pot directly at the roots where the water is needed, eliminating water evaporation and runoff. Deep Seep Olla irrigation leaves the soil surface dry, resulting in fewer surface weeds and no soil compaction compared to traditional watering methods. Plants benefit by getting all the water released from the pot and thereby experience less stress that helps to grow stronger, healthier and providing increased fruit yield.  Great for watering your garden veggies, flowers, container and landscape gardening.
Saves Time and Energy: 
No need to water daily!!!  You only need to refill the Olla every 3-5 days. 
Tried and True Method:
Ollas, also called wet pots, irrigation pitchers or irrigation pots, have been used by indigenous cultures for over 4000 years, in particular where water is scarce and we are just now rediscovering this simple low tech, low cost, tried and true method of watering.
Probably the most simple, efficient and low maintenance form of watering ever known. Clay pot irrigation can be 5-10 times more efficient than conventional irrigation. It is being used more widely in Asia, Africa, Latin American where water is scarce and subject to drought and and the now is gaining more and more popularity the United States.

Also, if
you have chlorine in your water supply, the chlorine will dissipate overnight and deliver non-chlorinated water to your plants.
Our Ollas are made in Mexico by traditional terra cotta potters, who have been making pots for generations.
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Easy to Use Olla Irrigation Pots ~ See Video Below:

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Two Styles of Ollas Below:


irrigation pot olla underground watering

ORIGINAL Extra Large OLLA above: 2.9 Gallon capacity ~
$69.95 each plus shipping
The clay is about 1/2 inch thick ~
11.5" in diameter and 13" tall ~ Weight 14 lbs of Clay!

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Special Deal available till end of the month!!!
A Pallet of 48 our ORIGINAL Extra Large Ollas ($69.95 retail for 1 )
 $28 each (Way less than Half Price!!!)

Pallet of Ollas Special Deal

Fully irrigate a large garden plot or s
ell some to your friends or at Farmers Markets.
Lids can be Drilled with a Cement drill bit to put a hole in the lid for
adding a Drip Irrigation System to these Ollas as below.
Call is if interested in the pallet deal - 
(No Sales Tax unless you live in California)
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with Soft Silicone Lid

NEW oya irragation pot with silicone lid 

Our NEW Ollas are a little thinner 1/4" thick and are 9" wide x 13" tall, weigh 4 lbs
and hold 1.8 gallons of water (almost 2 gallons) and work like our old Original Ollas, plus they are super efficient at retaining the water from evaporation, as they have a much narrower neck opening
and they have a more snug fitting unbreakable lid that is made of soft silicone, so moisture cannot escape as easily.

EXTRA BENEFIT and Option:  Set-up an Easy Drip System
Because of the soft rubbery silicone lid, you can easily punch a hole in the middle of the lid
and insert a T-shape drip irrigation fitting attached to 1/4" tubing (not included)

Our ORIGINAL Extra Large Ollas can also use this
Drip System by Drilling a hole in the lid of the ORIGINAL Extra Large Ollas

olla drip system

and set up an Easy Gravity Fed Barrel system as below with several Ollas in your garden
and this system will self water your plants as needed.
All you have to do is fill the barrel when it gets low.
Or you can just connect the drip system to your hose and fill the Ollas all at once for a few minutes, every few days.

olla drip system gravity barrel .

Extra Large OLLA
Out of stock - only available in Pallet orders at this time
2.9 Gallon capacity ~ 11.5" in diameter and 13" tall ~ 14 lbs
Out of stock 
1.8 Gallon capacity ~ 9" in diameter x 13" tall
(with Silicone Lid) ~ 4 lbs
Out of Stock

 (Pressing  the Buy Now Button will show the Total Price including Shipping/Handling added in)
(No Sales Tax unless you live in California)
Call us for extra shipping charges to Hawaii, Alaska or Internationally
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ollas oyas growoya growoyas
Out of stock 

6 Medium Size New Ollas
1 Gallon capacity each
7" in diameter and 10.5" tall
(with Silicone Lid) ~ 2.5 lbs
12 Small Size New Ollas
1.25 quart capacity each
5" in diameter x 7" tall (with Silicone Lid) ~ 1.5 lbs

 (Pressing  the Buy Now Button will show the Total Price including Shipping/Handling added in)
(No Sales Tax unless you live in California)
Call us for extra shipping charges to Hawaii, Alaska or Internationally
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Sprouting Chia Seeds for Microgreens on Ollas!
(another use for our Ollas)
See Video Below:

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