Custom "Greetings from your State" 1950's Vintage Style Postcards
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Custom postcards, greeting cards or magnets made from the Fifties vintage large letter postcards of Greetings from America Postcards.
Pick your favorite state, home state or the state you are having your wedding, party or event!
We have big letter retro Postcard Greetings From images from all 50 States, Canada and Mexico!
Great for Save The Date Cards for Weddings, Party Invitations or Events! See Video Below
Further Discount 25% off all Wedding Magnets and Postcards till the end of the month!!
Greetings from California vintage postcard  .  greetings from Florida vintage postcard
Greetings for Oregon vintage postcard .  greetings from New York City vintage postcard
Your custom wording can be added to the back and/or front of the postcard.
The twelve postcards on this page are just a few examples of what we have.
We have ALL 50 USA States, we can get some United States cities and a few other countries
in these Block Style Large Letter vintage "Greetings from Postcards"

Click here to see stock vintage Greetings from your state images of all 50 States.

Help your guests get into the spirit!
These 50's old timey vintage souvenir postcards depict an era of nostalgia, when travel, vacationing and cruising the USA
adventurous, playful and full of pleasure and relaxation. These Americana postcards convey that feeling
  of Route 66 and that traveling to your wedding or event is like a vacation and will be exciting and fun
and arriving at the party
and festivities at the end of the destination will be great cause for celebration, joy and merriment!

They can be customized as examples below with your city and/or your custom wording on the front and back of the cards.

Great for Destination Weddings!

We added Annabell and Luke are Getting Married to the
New York City cards and we printed Baltimore on the Maryland Cards.
   Greetings from New York postard .. greetings from maryland baltimore vintage postcard

We added the city: Austin on the top and Frank and Laci are Getting Married on the bottom of the Texas Postcards
and we added a custom photo of the happy couple in the letter
W on the Delaware Postcards Below:

  greetings from Texas vintage postcard.. greetings from Delaware vintage postcard

Postcards are glossy on the front, matte on the back
(NEW: also available with matte finish on front - just request it if you would like matte on the front)

Here are just 2 examples of the back of a postcard, they can set up any way you like with be ANY custom wording:
vintage postcard back place stamp here ..
save the date vintage postcard back
The one on the left can be mailed as a postcard, the one on the right can be mailed in a envelope.
If you want to send the postcards in an envelope, we can leave off the "Place Stamp Here" and Old Fashioned Postcard Logo and print your information all the way across the back. Black and white printing is free, photos on the back and colored backgrounds are optional for an extra cost.

Click here to see stock vintage images of all 50 States.
If you don't see the vintage image you want you can email us a different Greetings From Postcard image or any other vintage image, if you like. We do have a few different cities available and can get more. If you want a specific city call us or email us with your request. Also we can print the city name on the front of the cards.

Greetings from State Images available on: Postcards, Greeting Cards and Magnets
as well as any of our other custom products: custom fans, custom mousepads or coasters, buttons and more.
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Video Below shows more information ~ Click arrow to play video:

Postcard Prices

Limited Time Postcards Special: 100 4 x6" postcards for $99.00!!!
Mention: "Postcard Special"
No set-up charges

Further Discount 25% off all wedding Magnets and Postcards till the end of the month!!
For example 100 Postcards are now $.75 cents each

4 x6" Postcards: Glossy finish on the front, matte finish on the back:
(NEW: also available with matte finish on front - just request it if you would like matte on the front,
if no choice is made we will use our Standard Glossy Front/Matte Back)

25 postcards = $3.50 each ($2.75 each Postcard Special)

50 postcards = $2.50 each ($1.60 each Postcard Special)

75 postcards = $1.95 each ($1.20 each Postcard Special)

100  postcards = $1.50 each (.99 cents each Postcard Special)

       125 = $1.45 each  (.99 cents  each Postcard Special)

over 150 = $1.40 each  (.99 cents  each Postcard Special)

over 200 = $1.35 each  (.95 cents each Postcard Special)

        250 = $1.50 each  (.90 cents each Postcard Special)

over 300 = 
$1.40  each (.90 cents each Postcard Special)

over 350 = $1.25 each (.90 cents each Postcard Special)

over 400 = $1.20 each (.85 cents each Postcard Special)

over 450 =$1.15 each (.80 cents each Postcard Special)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Order Form  for  Optional Extra Charges:
Other sizes available for additional cost : 5x7",  4x9", 5 1/2  x 8 1/2", 5 1/2 x 4 1/4", 6 x11" and  8 1/2 x 11

If you would like to add your photo on the front of your "Greetings From" card within one of the Block Large Letters
 add an extra 25 cents per postcard (available for 100 or more)

Full Color Available for the back of the Postcard:
  Black text on white on the back of your card is printed free.
Or you can add a photo and/or color backgrounds on the back of your postcard
We can also fade your picture in the background so the printing shows over the photo on the card.
(Full Color on the back is only available on quantities of 100 or more ~ add 25 cents per postcard)
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Custom foldover Large Letter Greeting Cards with your message inside:
Example below: We added Amy & Robert are Getting Married to the
New Mexico fold over cards and a custom message inside card:
greetings from new mexico vintage greeting card
For Pricing see: SAVE THE DATE CARDS
Greeting cards come in  4 1/4 by 5 1/2 inch, 5x7 inch or 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch

Any of our old fashioned nostalgic vintage 1950's style images can be used on our products at an extra charge.

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Further Discount 25% off all wedding Magnets and Postcards till the end of the month!!

New: PLAIN Greetings from any State Postcards (no customization)
100 or more for 75 cents each
250 for 60 cents each
Further Discount 25% off all wedding Magnets and Postcards till the end of the month!!
Any stock state image (CANNOT mix and match different states) with no custom wording or photos on the front or back

Click here to see stock vintage images of all 50 States.
(back will be printed blank as below)

greetings from state vintage postcard back

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
At the present time: We also have a few Plain Greetings from postcards available in smaller quantities from these States only:
Florida, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, New York City and Washington DC

over 5 postcards = $2.00
over 10 postcards = $1.50
over 25 postcards = $1.00
over 50 postcards = $.80 each 
over 75 postcards = $.70 each
over 100 postcards = $.60 each
over 250 postcards = $.50 each
You CAN mix and match to get quantity discounts for these postcards
Call us if you are interested
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Optional:  4 1/8 x 6 1/8"Postcard Envelopes available to order that fit these cards perfectly.
If you send your Postcards as Card enclosed n an envelope, we can leave off the Place Stamp Here and Old Fashioned Postcard Logo off your Postcards
and we can print all your information all the way across the back of the cards.

4 1/8 x 6 1/8 envelopes for postcards 4x6

$13 per 50 Envelopes
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

See All Postcard Prices for other quantities, Greeting Card prices, different size postcards
and font choices on
our Printable Order Form 
or for other custom postcards see:

Just email us the text you would like on printed on them:
 Call with any questions: (530) 273-9378

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Some Magnet Examples of the "Greetings From" images Below

. greetings from carmel california vintage image magnet. greetings from south carolina postcard vintage . greetings from new jersey vingtage postcard image
Just email us the text you would like on your magnets ~ Call with any questions: (530) 273-9378
Limited Time Magnet Special: 100 4 x 3 1/2" Magnets for $150.00!!!
Further Discount 25% off all wedding Magnets and Postcards till the end of the month!!
No set-up charges
See ALL Magnet Prices for other quantities, different size magnets and font choices on  and on our Printable Order Form

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Also available at:
2 x 3"  Rectangle Wrapped Metal Magnets

 greetings for oregon vintage large letter postcard..greetings from michigan vintage large letter postcard
see pricelist on

Wholesale accounts welcome
Sell your Greetings from your State Postcards or Magnets.

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Stock vintage images of all 50 States

~ ~ Greetings from Alabama, Greetings from Alaska, Greetings from Arizona, Greetings from Arkansas,
Greetings from
California, Greetings from Colorado, Greetings from Connecticut, Greetings from Delaware,
Greetings from Florida, Greetings from Georgia, Greetings from Hawaii, Greetings from
Greetings from Illinois, Greetings from Indiana, Greetings from Iowa, Greetings from Kansas,
Greetings from
Kentucky, Greetings from Louisiana, Greetings from Maine, Greetings from Maryland,
Greetings from Massachusetts, Greetings from Michigan, Greetings from Minnesota, Greetings from Mississippi, Greetings from Missouri, Greetings from Montana
, Greetings from Nebraska, Greetings from Nevada,
Greetings from New Hampshire, Greetings from New Jersey, Greetings from New Mexico,
Greetings from
New York, Greetings from North Carolina, Greetings from North Dakota, Greetings from Ohio,
Greetings from Oklahoma, Greetings from
Oregon, Greetings from Pennsylvania, Greetings from Rhode Island,
Greetings from South Carolina, Greetings from South Dakota, Greetings from
Tennessee, Greetings from Texas, Greetings from Utah, Greetings from Vermont, Greetings from Virginia, Greetings from Washington,
Greetings from West Virginia, Greetings from Wisconsin, Greetings from Wyoming,
Greetings from Mexico, Greetings from Canada  ~ ~

We can also do custom postcards or magnets
from your own personal photo, picture or image at no extra charge:

save the date postcard

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Printable Order Form

and Prices for postcards and magnets and Ordering Information


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