The more grateful you are, the more you get to be grateful about...

we are here to love earth
You are Here...

Perhaps you found this card above, by chance, in a mysterious place on the planet just for you,
or maybe you were given this card by a friend or stranger moving about in the adventure of your everyday life and received the gift of this simple truth in a open moment of serendipity and synchronicity for you.
Or perhaps you just happened upon this website through the magical connection of the Worldwide Web of life.
There are no coincidences.

These cards were inspired by the concepts and simple principles of:
 random acts of kindness, pay it forward, reach out in the darkness,
pass it on, when a butterfly flaps its wings, practicing gratefulness, the healing power of love, the healing power of truth, the power of now, the power of words, the laws of the universe, paying attention to the lessons right in front of you, live like you have a choice, the hundredth monkey, quantum leaps, the magic of letting go of fear and remaining open every moment, giving is receiving, the power of one - one idea, one act, one thought, one intention, one person, the magic of telling your truth, the world needs you just as you are to express your unique being and love in this world, and love made visible in senseless acts of beauty ~ Reminding us that we are one, one love, one world, one spirit, one being constantly evolving more and more towards the truth that love is all there is.

Grateful people create a more beautiful world for you and me and all of us, we are all one.
pass it on...

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