Martial Arts Static Cling Window Signs
Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, Aikido, Kick Boxing, Taikwondo, Self Defense

Martial Arts Signs


Also available as adhesive backed decals at no extra charge. 

Please call us for updated prices  as they have all gone up in price

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All our our Signs are "Made to Order" and you will need to have a little patience
           as our production schedule is currently running is 
6-8 weeks


You can change any of the words in the signs for an extra $39.95
Any of our Designs and images can be changed to be customized with any word or the Name of your Business, so some of designs might work with your business if you just change the wording.

You can change any of the colors for an extra $29.95


See our main page for more details on our static cling signs ~

   We also can make CUSTOM STATIC CLING SIGNS in full color
from your photograph, graphic, logo and text.
For Details ~

Static Cling WORD SIGNS

We also have some Hundreds of Readymade Word Signs that may apply to your Business.
The signs are clear static cling with just the colored letters outlined in a white border  
(there is NO black border on the signs
~ the black represents the window background)
They are approximately 26 inches long by 6 inches tall.

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LIMITED TIME SPECIAL ~ BUY 1 or our StoreFront Static Cling Stock Signs
and we can add as many of the word signs
($29.99 value) to your order for only $24.99 each!

Above is one example of the style ~ The signs are just the words with the White Borders.

All MARTIAL ARTS Word Signs are
Red Words/White Border

-Self Confidence
-Self Discipline
-Self Control
-Kick Boxing
-Cardio Kick Boxing
-Stress Relief
-Family Center
-Muscle Toning
-Self Defense
-Weight Control
-Kung Fu
-Tae Kwon Do
-Martial Arts
-Personal Training
-Group Lessons
-Men & Women

Click white bordered word signs to see the other signs

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