Here is the Information on the card:

These Prayer Flags are created in the spirit of the ancient Tibetan
Buddhist Prayer Flags that are hung in the mountains of Tibet and
throughout Nepal. Flying on rooftops of homes and monasteries, from
bridges and trees in the countryside, they offer blessings.

Prayer flags are hung to celebrate new beginnings: a new relationship,
a new home, a birth and always a New Year! They help insure luck &
success to new ventures.

As the flags wave in the wind, the colors fade, and so the prayers are
lifted and carried around the world.

The colors represent the basic elements: White is Clouds, Cosmos and
Spirit. Blue is Sky. Red is Fire, the Middle Road, Sunrise and Sunset.
Yellow is Earth. Green is Sea.

We invite you to hang your prayer flags with intention. Welcome health,
joy, abundance, gratitude and peace for yourself, your family, your
community... your world.


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