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Solid Steel Manual Nut, Seed and Grain Mill for Pregrinding ~ Slow Grinding Retains Nutrients
See Video Below ~ The perfect companion for manually pregrinding nuts and seeds to make raw nut butters in our Nut Butter Stone Grinder
Hand Mill nut grinder steel burrs  .  Hand Crank Mill Grinder for Nuts and Seeds  . Hand Mill nut grinder double clamp 
This excellent quality mill grinder was years in the making and was specifically designed and is made for grinding nuts and seeds.
The nuts and seeds must be chopped finely or preground before they can be used to make Nut Butter in our Nut Butter Grinder.
You can use an electric blender or food processor as a nut and seed pregrinder, but if you would rather grind raw nuts in the slow food method,
retaining much more nutrients and live enzymes in the raw nuts and seeds, then our Hand Crank Mill Grinder is definitely the way to go!
Our fantastic hand crank mill grinder is made with Solid Steel One Piece Uni-Body Construction, heavy duty bearings, solid steel shaft auger,
and double post clamp. It is very easy to use and it will also easily grind grains, beans, legumes, corn, rice, spices, dried herbs, coffee and more!!
It comes with 2 different sets of grinding wheels (seen in photo on the left), the solid stainless steel grinding wheels are used for nuts and seeds
and the stone grinding wheels for grains, beans, etc. One of the greatest features of the grinder is
the Easy Mount Heavy Duty Double Post Clamp
which is an exclusive PATENTED design (seen in photo on the right) that easily clamps
onto any table up or counter up to 2 inches thick and
keeps the grinder base stable and very securely in place
simply by hand tightening the 2 clamps without requiring any drilling or special tools.
Weight: 14 lbs, Dimensions - 13"x9"x 5"

There are other manual Grain Mills on the market, but even the most expensive Grain Mills will only grind grains and will NOT grind nuts and seeds.
ONLY our Fantastic Mill Grinder is able to grind nuts and seeds, as well as grains.

(Pressing  the Buy Now Button will show the Total Price including Shipping/Handling added in)
~ No Sales Tax ~ Except for Residents of California ~
Please call us for extra shipping charges to Hawaii, Alaska or Internationally before purchasing
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on uni-body mill housing and the stainless steel burr heads warranted for the life of the original owner!!!
The Limited Lifetime Warranty covers 
everything else on the mill for a six full years from the date of purchase
(except stone burr grinding wheels which are warranted for 1 year) to be free from mechanical defects in material or workmanship.
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See video below showing the Mill Grinder grinding Walnuts

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Fantastic Professional Nut Butter Stone Grinder

nut butter stone grinder
This fantastic Nut Butter Stone Grinder gives you the richest, healthiest and tastiest Nut Butters available.

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Rough & Ready, CA 95975

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