Black Walnut Hullers                                                                                                     
Dehusks Black Walnuts in Seconds! ~ Electric and Hand Crank Huskers ~
No Sales Tax ~ Except for Residents of California ~ See Videos of both the Handcrank Huller and Electric Huller Below
Photo of the Electric Black Walnut Dehusker Machine Directly Below  ~ Contact Us
Electric Black Walnut Huller - Husker . Electric Black Walnut Huller - Husker

Works Great! ~ See Video Below on right showing the Electric Black Walnut Huller Machine in Action

Electric Black Walnut Huller - Hulled Black Walnuts .

Electric Dehusker Machine for Black Walnuts - The Huller Works great!
Husks and hulls Black Walnuts. Removes husk from the nuts easily and quickly.

Electric Black Walnut Huller
Actual color may vary, no choice on the color, Delivery may take up to 2-3 weeks.
28x25x10" weighs 60 lbs
No Sales Tax ~ Except for Residents of California ~

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Hand Crank Black Walnut Huller - Available in Black or Red

Ruggedly built of cast iron, made to last, just put the Black Walnuts in one at a time and hand crank. 

The cast iron teeth revolve around and make fast work of peeling the husks off of the Black Walnuts. See Video below on right.
Hand Crank Black Walnut Huller

Hand Crank Black Walnut Huller . Hand Crank Black Walnut Huller . Hand Crank Black Walnut Husker
The wheel style handle is ergonomic and easy to crank. Also another great feature of this husker is that the
wheel handle includes a pulley groove that can optionally accept a V-belt for powered operation
with a motor.
Our Husker has 2 screw holes in the thick cast iron base for mounting to a wood board, table or wooden box (screws not included).
This Husker is much sturdier than other similar, but cheaply built, units that must be clamped or mounted on the side of a wooden box only.
The video demonstration above shows our Huller screwed to a thick wooden block.  12"x10"x10" - weighs 14 lbs

$129.95 (Suggested Retail Price)
Super Sale: $84.95 till the end of the month!

No Sales Tax ~ Except for Residents of California ~  

Black Huller
(as pictured above)
Black Walnut Hand Crank Huller - Red
Red Huller (as above but Red Color)
(Pressing  the Buy Now Button will show the Total Price including Shipping/Handling added in)
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We also sell:

The World's Best BLACK WALNUT Cracker!

World's Best BLACK WALNUT Cracker

This Amazing Hand Crank Nutcracker was designed specifically to crack Black Walnuts. No more hammers!!!
Black Walnuts are extremely hard to crack.
To our knowledge, ours is the only Handcrank Black Walnut Nut Cracker available anywhere!
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Heavy Duty Deluxe Automatic Black Walnut & Macadamia Nut Nutcracker

Cracks a pound of nuts in about 15 seconds!
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